Benefits of Press Releases

As all petbuzz followers will know, we just love press releases as a content marketing method.

By publishing regular press releases online, you not only get the benefit of being able to talk about your company/brand/services, you can also get backlinks to your website and – if your news is worthwhile – mass syndication across the web.

Press release marketing is such a hidden gem of the online promotion matrix.

But you need to do it right.

As the image above demonstrates, if you can produce a well written, informative and useful press release you get a better chance of influential people reading it. More importantly, the people who tend to read press releases are usually people who are seeking content to publish – editors, webmasters, publishers, news syndicators.

We frequently leverage press releases to help us bring in thousands of new backlinks (helps our search engine marketing efforts), online news coverage (helps us elevate our client’s brands) and to keep our company name at the forefront of people’s minds.

There is no magic formula with a press release, but there are some hard and fast rules you simply must adhere to in order to give your press release the best chance of success (going viral / getting syndicated).

If you think we can help you with your own press and media strategies, contact us today. We’d be delighted to offer our pearls of wisdom – or click here to view our petbuzz distribution packages.

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