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As all petbuzz followers will know, we just love press releases as a content marketing method.   By publishing regular press releases online, you not only get the benefit of […]

See some of our latest content below. You can add a live petbuzz content feed on your own site. Just contact us and we’ll send you a tiny piece of […]

Google has been tinkering again. The search engine giant regularly tweaks its algorithm to improve the quality of its search results. In the new search signals, Google is looking to […]

SEOTV stands for Search Engine Organic Traffic Value. If you are driving traffic to your pet related business site by paying for clicks (Pay Per Click Advertising) then you need […]

Fascinating study of how our brains react to the sight of faces in advertising. Apparently, ‘we look where they look’.The following comes from and emphasises just how much our […]

We're well under way in preparing the inaugural petbuzz specialist pet industry report for our lucky members. In this report we'll be focussing on the emerging pet sector search trends […]

An amazing statistic I came across today: there are more mobile phones in the world than credit cards. There are also more mobile phones in the world than cars. Understanding […]