Do You Know About SEOTV?

SEOTV stands for Search Engine Organic Traffic Value.

If you are driving traffic to your pet related business site by paying for clicks (Pay Per Click Advertising) then you need to know the metric for SEOTV.

The equation takes in to account the following…
The info graphic above shows that the site in the organic search position no 1 will likely receive 56.63% of all the clicks for a particular search term.

So let's take a hypothetical search example of 'healthy dog food' and we'll localise it to the United Kingdom

Using these metrics:

14,800 searches per month at an average cost per click of £1.19

So let's say you have the site in the no 1 organic position for this search term, your SEOTV is calculated as follows:

56.63% of 14,800 searches = 8,381 clicks valued at £1.19 = SEOTV of: £9,978 per month.

Now let's say you have the organic search position of no 10 for the term 'healthy dog food' the SEOTV would look like this:

2.55% of 14,800 searches = 377 clicks valued at £1.19 = SEOTV of: £449 per month.

Another thing to factor is that ALL of the top 10 organic listings receive a higher percentage of the total clicks than the paid for adverts.

This means that of the 14,800 people per month who search for 'healthy dog food', the vast majority of them will click through on the organic listings, leaving the paid for adverts alone – so even if you set your marketing strategy to acquire traffic via pay per click adverts, you're leaving potentially 98% of all the available traffic on the table.

In short, if you have a monthly marketing budget of £1,000 – by investing it in a strategy to achieve highly placed organic listings, you will not only drive more targeted visitors to your site, you'll also reap the rewards of recurring visitors who you DON'T have to pay for in the future!

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