Get Blogging Or Get Lost

Google has been tinkering again. The search engine giant regularly tweaks its algorithm to improve the quality of its search results.

In the new search signals, Google is looking to diminish the visibility of duplicate content (this means you need more original articles on your topic of choice if you want to get ranked for it).

More emphasis on longtail search queries. (this means you can expect to rank better for search terms that are very specific i.e. 'puppy house training' is a broad search, 'house training a 12-week old Labrador puppy' is a longtail search).

Blog visibilty. Google is increasing the range and profile of its blog search index. In short, if you're not blogging you're missing one of the best ways to improve your positions in the Google search index. Page 2 is nowhere. You need to blog in order to get seen. Get blogging or get lost (in the fiery depths of hell – aka – page 2 and beyond).

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