petbuzz Special Reports

We're well under way in preparing the inaugural petbuzz specialist pet industry report for our lucky members.

In this report we'll be focussing on the emerging pet sector search trends that unfolded in 2010.

Each report will contain historical data on the consumer behaviour of pet owners from various different demographics and interest levels.

As a taster: did you know that 'Cushing's Disease in Dogs' and 'Diabetes in Dogs' were two of the largest breaking search trends in the pet sector in 2010?

This is quite interesting, if you look at carefully.

It leads us to ask:

Are there more dogs being diagnosed with these two diseases or are pet owners simply more interested in researching these two health conditions?

An additional caveat with regard to 'Cushing's Disease in Dogs' – the correct term given to it by the veterinary profession is 'Cushing's Syndrome' – but the pet owner is, overwhelmingly, searching for 'disease'. So, if you'd optimised your website for the 'correct' term, you'd currently be missing out on a LOT of highly targeted traffic. This is the exact reason why you should become a petbuzz subscriber and you'll always stay one step ahead of the game!

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