Pet Media

In partnership with K9 Media Ltd and Total Pet Publishing, petbuzz has unrivalled access to literally hundreds of pet publications read by more than 12m pet lovers globally. In addition to direct access to hundreds of pet-related websites in our partnership network, those websites themselves are often partnered with THOUSANDS more pet-related websites, each of whom syndicates content from our network.

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Social Media

To really enhance reach today you simply HAVE to have a social media strategy.

The video below highlights how important digital media is in the 21st Century economy:

The pet industry is booming, but smaller companies trying to capture the attention of increasingly discerning pet owning web-users are constantly fighting a battle against the big companies with their huge advertising budgets and massive brand recognition.

Social media levels the playing field as it enables small companies to reach massive audiences. Big companies though are starting to really master the social media paradigm so if you want your pet business to thrive, getting on board with social media is vital (or, even better have petbuzz do it for you!)