What We Offer

We provide a full media service for companies seeking to target pet owners. We have publishing partnerships with more than 400 pet media outlets (magazines/blogs/websites/eZines) reaching more than 12m pet owners. We believe no other company in the world has the level and depth of targeted pet owner reach as petbuzz.

Our business packages are designed to deliver results, fast. We provide full reporting and disclosure on every element of coverage generated for your brand.

Package 1: Rapid Syndication Service ($197 Per Year)

  • We’ll distribute and publish 12 of your company news stories/articles per year
  • We will place your content in to the petbuzz Rapid Syndication System within 24 hours (*Our normal turnaround time is actually just THREE hours!).
  • You can choose to release your news or articles whenever you wish – i.e. 12 items in a single month for mass, dominant message penetration or 1 per month over 12-months, whichever suits you.

This package is ideal for small businesses seeking greater market presence who are unable to afford to employ their own PR agency.

Package 2: Unlimited Distribution ($397 Per Year)

  • Unlimited distribution means just that. Send us unlimited press releases, articles, news items throughout the year and we GUARANTEE to give each fantastic reach and coverage through our very large, targeted media network

Successful media manipulators understand that you need to do more than send out just one press release in a blue moon in order to get your message and brand to ‘stick’ with the target consumer audience. Weekly press releases and content distribution is what the big boys aim for – and for good reason. But here’s the petbuzz twist; what good is a press release distribution service if you can’t even guarantee it will be published anywhere? Even if you have your own professional PR person working on an expensive retainer, they still can’t guarantee you get coverage for your carefully crafted message. Well, petbuzz can. 100% guaranteed coverage to the exact target market, every time, without fail.

This package is perfect for businesses who understand the need to constantly drive awareness for their brands, products and services. It offers a level of coverage guarantee to a highly targeted audience whenever you need it. Reduce your marketing costs by as much as 66%.

Package 3: Dominate ($997 Per Year)

Unlimited press release distribution (as above) PLUS:

  • Unlimited access to the petbuzz Rapid Syndication System
  • Editorial coverage – guaranteed – across many HIGH traffic pet websites.
  • Membership to the petbuzz Expert’s Academy (allowing you to add comment and opinion to internationally distributed media opportunities on topics related to your industry)
  • PLUS, a whopping ONE THOUSAND backlinks to your own website – watch your site climb and DOMINATE the search engines with this proven RankMover!

This package is completely unrivalled anywhere in the world. Only petbuzz is able to offer this level of market penetration and guaranteed coverage for your brand.

This package is ideal for businesses who understand the need to constantly connect with their market and wish to boost the search engine positions of their existing website(s). Unrivalled online marketing package for pet companies.

A note about our pricing: Although we are a UK based organisation, we serve many international businesses. We charge in $USD but if you are a company outside of the USA, your payment will be converted to your own currency at the purchase stage.

For all businesses who sign up in the next 24 hours, we will provide a directory listing on the highly influential pet services directory (value £349.99)

3-year membership to the Pet Business Link Premier account (worth £441.00)

EXTREMELY LIMITED TIME OFFER:– Membership to the brand new petbuzz TrendWatch eNewsletter. This service is a world exclusive to petbuzz . We have more than £250,000 worth of media monitoring and analytic software under our management – we use these tools to deliver insights on emerging pet industry trends, consumer behaviour amongst pet owners and to identify massive market opportunities within the pet sector. The petbuzz TrendWatch eNewsletter service is limited to just 1,000 subscribers. At that point, we will shut the doors – for obvious reasons we are not willing to allow too many businesses to have access to the data and information contained in the TrendWatch eNewsletter.

Additional Services:

  • Social media marketing
  • Trend reporting
  • Media buying
  • Digital media campaigns

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can I distribute articles as well as / instead of company news?

A. Yes. In fact article marketing has proven to be one of THE most effective uses of the Rapid Syndication System. Positioning yourself and your brand as experts on a specific pet topic drives up brand awareness and trust.

Q. Is there a guarantee that my content will be seen?

A. Absolutely 100% yes! We will provide you with distribution reports and we will show you how you can verify the penetration of your content distribution. Your content will reach active pet websites as well as social media sites. Not only will your content be seen, the level of penetration your brand will receive will have a massive impact on the position of your own website.

Q. I’m still not sure. It looks too good to be true. Where’s the catch?

A. No catch. In fact, we can really up the odds in your favour. Order any of our packages and if you don’t like what you see within the first 30 days of using the service, simply cancel your order and we’ll give you ALL of your money back. No quibbles, no strings, no catch.