Twitter Management

If you’ve read our article – K9 Magazine’s Epic Twitter Growth – you might be interested in how petbuzz managed to increase K9 Magazine’s audience numbers on the social media site from a respectable 13k followers to more than 85k in the space of just 3 months.

One of the first places to start when trying to grow your Twitter audience is to stem the loss of existing followers.

It sounds obvious but if your existing followers don’t find your Twitter engagement valuable or interesting, then new followers will likely follow – or in this case, unfollow.

We’ve found that in every single instance, doubling your posting frequency is by far the most influence factor in keeping your audience. So if you’re currently publishing 2 Tweets per day, move it to 4. Regardless of how many Tweets you’re currently publishing, doubling your daily output is a positive influencing factor in maintaining engagement and attention with your followers.

Pro tip: We recognise that you are running a business and adding more posts to Twitter can be a chore. K9 Magazine empowered petbuzz to manage their Twitter account alongside their existing efforts. This is something to consider.

Twitter users/followers are real people. To maintain the integrity of your relationship with these people you need to have an intelligent content strategy. You have to provide valuable engagement. Again, this is something that often requires the guiding hand of a specialist with experience of how to provide best value to pet owners in the form of engaging, interesting content (hello again! we can help you with this :)).

Finally, you need to know exactly where to go to promote the fact that you’re on Twitter and are worth following. In this case, you need to laser target your messages and you need to able to reach a very large audience of pet owners who are currently using Twitter and other social media platforms. This is where petbuzz can really deliver big on your behalf.

Why not put us in charge of building your Twitter profile?

We can guarantee

1. Better engagement figures
2. More followers

And we can do both of these things for just £87.00 per month.

The question you have to ask is: how much is a Twitter follower to your business?

So, let’s do some quick maths:

Before we even get in to the numbers we have to establish a couple of basic principles:

1. You need to be able to encourage your Twitter followers to visit your website from time to time
2. Your website needs to be set up to either make sales or generate sales enquiries

With those two principles established, let’s take a look at a ‘typical’ Twitter account.

You have 500 followers. Perhaps made up of people who already knew your business such as existing customers and friends of those existing customers.

Now let’s say we publish an interesting Tweet with a link back to your site. Of your 500 followers, 50 people view the Tweet and 10 of those people decide to click the link.

You have just generated 10 new visitors to your site at a cost of £0.00 (with the exception of your time to make the Tweet).

Compare that to pay-per-click costs. Nowadays you’d be doing very well to buy targeted traffic on a pay-per-click basis at anything less than £0.30 per click. So you could perhaps argue that the equivalent ‘value’ of those 10 visitors was worth £3.00.

So now we increase your number of Twitter followers from 500 to 2,000.

Using the same metrics, you post an interesting Tweet. Of your 2,000 followers, 200 see the Tweet and 40 people click your link. Using a cost-per-click value of £0.30, you can easily argue that those 40 visitors (who were interested enough to click your link and are therefore ‘targeted’ in nature) are worth £12.00 in equivalent media spend.

Now imagine that you publish 2 Tweets per day for 4 weeks at an average per Tweet click through rate of 40. That’s a very realistic 1,600 clicks to your site in the month. If you value each click at £0.30 – you’d be looking at an equivalent pay-per-click spend of £480.

So you can see, our all-in-one Twitter management product is exceptional value at just £87 per month.